The 50,000 Homes Campaign and London’s Housing Crisis

50,000 homes

London First’s Fifty Thousand Homes initiative is a business-led campaign to double housebuilding in London to at least 50,000 homes a year by the end of the Mayoralty in 2020, in order to protect and enhance the capital’s competitiveness as a global city. On Wednesday 6th July, Chototel attended an event organized by the campaign to launch a new report, undertaken with Grant Thornton UK LLP, which reveals the impact that London’s housing shortage is having on businesses in the capital. While it is not news that demand for an affordable London home far outstrips supply, the report found that nearly 50% of employers in the capital are concerned that high house prices will make it more difficult to retain staff in the future and investigates ways employers can help tackle this housing crisis. Chototel, by providing an affordable housing solution to those who have been priced out urban centers, looks forward to working with Fifty Thousand Homes and its partners in the future to help find ways to solve the housing crisis in the capital.


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